• Fulltime Owner / Principal of Angeline & Associates LLC (Established in April 2004) - Small Ann Arbor-Based Accounting & Consulting firm serving nonprofits and small businesses in all areas of financial management and strategic operations.



  • Post Graduate Studies / Nonprofit Management - Walden University

  • M.S. in Administration (w/ emphasis on Public Administration) – Central Michigan University

  • B.S. in Business Administration / Accounting – Wayne State University​

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Community Engagement & Professional Affiliations

  • Arrowwood Hills Housing Cooperative - Ann Arbor, MI - Board Member

  • United Way of Washtenaw County - Finance Committee Member

  • Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation – Audit Committee Member

  • Ann Arbor Summer Festival - Former Trustee

  • Family Learning Institute - Ann Arbor, MI - 3rd & 4th grade Reading Tutor

  • Business Networking International (BNI) - Founding Member of the Chelsea MI Chapter - Former V.P. of Membership

  • Financial Management Representative on the Advisory Panel of the Athena PowerLink Program of Washtenaw County.

  • Toastmasters International - Local Ann Arbor Chapter - Former V.P. of Membership

  • Wayne State University School of Business Administration Alumni Association Board – Former Board Director

  • The Best Project of United Way - Flint, Michigan - Financial Management Consultant to Nonprofit Grant Recipients.

  • Eastern Michigan University - QuickBooks for Nonprofits Workshop Presenter to Nonprofit Grant Recipients

  • Non-Profit Enterprise at Work (NEW), Ann Arbor, Michigan - Workshop Presenter to Nonprofit Clients

  • National Organization of Women Business Owners – Former Member

  • Women Business Owners of Southeast Michigan - Former Member

  • Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti Area Regional Chamber of Commerce – Former Member

  • Detroit Chamber of Commerce – Former Member

  • Dominican Literacy Center – Detroit, Michigan - Former Literacy Volunteer

  • Alliance for Nonprofit Management – Former Member



When I’m not working, my interests include cooking and solving logic puzzles. I’m also a true crime junkie and get my fix by following several true crime podcasts, watching episodes of Dateline and similar shows, as well as solving crimes curated in my monthly murder mystery in a box subscription. I've also been known to look up the court cases from the Dateline and similar shows on YouTube and watch those that have been recorded for public viewing. I find all aspects of the law fascinating and had actually considered law as a career choice early on. Even began studying for the LSAT. 

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I'm also an avid planner. To me, everything has a process and there is an optimal sequence that can be designed to get from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible. This is where my love for strategic planning comes from. It's just the way my brain works. Though this is very much part of my work, I've also incorporated into a fun (to me) hobby. I collect planner covers that are custom made from all over the world. Inside the covers

are paper notebook inserts with Tomoe River, Rhodia and other exquisite papers that highlight the various inks I use in my collection of fountain pens. In these notebooks, with these pens and inks is where most of my plans begins before they are finalized in my planning software. 

And I can’t forget my love of retired racing greyhounds. Larry, my current retiree, is the second greyhound that I’ve adopted after having been retired from the racing track. I’ve connected and developed close bonds with people from all around the world because our love for these sweet, majestic creatures.

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I grew up on the east side of Detroit and completed my undergrad studies at Wayne State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. I attended graduate school at Central Michigan University and earned a Master of Science in Administration with a concentration in Public Administration.  


I left home right after graduating from high school at age 18, lived on my own, and worked full time as I navigated through my college years. Therefore, with the exception of my induction into, and involvement in, the professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, I had little time for extracurricular school activities. 

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I relocated to Ann Arbor in 2007, when my accounting and consulting practice expanded to include a greater number of nonprofit organizations that were headquartered in and near the city. After experiencing the crunch of increasing housing costs, I moved to Ypsilanti in 2013, where I lived until 2016, when I had an opportunity to purchase shares in Arrowwood Hills, a member-owned low-equity housing cooperative on Ann Arbor’s north side.  


Had it not been for the ability to move into Arrowwood Hills, a model for sustainable affordable housing, I would not have been able to afford to come back to the city where I had decided to make my home nine years prior.  This experience awakened me to the serious issue of affordable housing here in the City of Ann Arbor.  

Historically, housing affordability has primarily impacted those on the low-income end of the socioeconomic spectrum. However, because the rising cost of housing in Ann Arbor and, indeed, throughout the country is outpacing wage growth, middle-income earners are also finding themselves being slowly placed out of the Ann Arbor housing market.  As a single woman with a graduate degree, a steady stream of income, and no children, I found the idea of experiencing housing insecurity quite alarming.   

Ironically, as a kid growing up in “inner city” Detroit, moving around from neighborhood to neighborhood as my mom struggled to pay rent, I vowed that I’d work hard to change this way of living with a constant focus on survival. But the struggle continues.  What I find even more ironic is, even if I wanted to go back home to Detroit, the gentrification of my once hometown would make it impossible for me to afford to live there as well.  


I’ve never been a whiner. In fact, I’ve worked against many odds and gone into considerable debt with student loans to earn an education that I would have otherwise not been able to attain. I had accepted that the absence of a college fund after graduation was simply the hand that I had been dealt and that I had to fold it or play it.  I even found the courage to leave a decent paying corporate consulting job to start my own small business helping nonprofits manage their financial operations. Somehow, the idea of working for a private corporation, which billed my services out to

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municipalities and inner-city school districts for as high as $250 per hour while I only brought home a fraction of that, was not my idea of living the American dream.  Among those “inner-city” school districts was one that I knew well and had graduated from.  And there I was, a “high paid” consultant working for an employer that repeatedly won big contracts to create more efficient processes and not quite feeling the impact of my efforts.   This desire to be more intentional about making a difference in the lives of others led me to leave that corporate job in 2004 and establish, Angeline & Associates, LLC, a boutique accounting and consulting firm through which I provide customized financial management services to nonprofits and small service-based businesses. 

Although I am very skilled at strategic planning, budgeting, financial management and continuous process improvement, it never occurred to me to consider lending those skills as a public servant in Ann Arbor or anywhere else.  That is until I realized that, no matter how educated

I am or how successful I've become, I cannot change certain factors that put me in a place where I’ve got to choose between living in an affordable housing cooperative in the city of my choosing, or barely making it in an area where I’d struggle to find clients with the means to pay for my services. The trend of government policy decisions that favor the wealthy and well-connected corporations over small business and consumers is as prevalent here in Ann Arbor, a self-proclaimed liberal town, as at the federal level. And, for this reason, I believe that many residents of Ann Arbor would benefit from my unique perspective at the City Council table.  



My lived experiences have brought me to a place where, one day, I might find myself networking with privileged business professionals and, the next day, closing the books of a human services organization much like those that my mother often relied upon to supplement her income during my childhood years.  This duality of my life puts me in the unique position of having the intellect, skills, and capacity to make effective and financially sound policy decisions as a City Council member while, at the same time, ensuring that marginalized and less privileged residents are not forgotten.  

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