One of many myths about affordable housing is that it is not fair, and that only the very poor benefit.  However,  studies show a lack of affordable housing negatively affects employers, seniors, low to moderate income people, entry-level and service sector workers, and public sector professionals such as teachers, librarians, and arts, park, and recreation staff. It also impinges on broader quality of life issues such as the economic development of the region, traffic congestion, commute times, and air quality. In short, it affects us all. 


Effectively solving the housing crisis here in Ann Arbor does not mean addressing the needs of just the poor; it also means addressing the needs of the business community, working- and middle class families, and the broader population.  Source: Wardip, K., Williams, L., & Hague, S. (2011). The Role of Affordable Housing in Creating Jobs and Stimulating Local Economic Development.



I'll have much more to say on this subject as the campaign progresses.  In the meantime I want to hear from you, the voters, and what you have to say.   Please click on SOUND OFF! and take our constituent survey.   There, you'll have an opportunity to share your thoughts on how Ann Arbor can more effectively address the cost of housing, among other issues.  


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