"It is not only Angeline’s strong ethical backbone, nor is it only her strong financial background. It is not only Angeline’s experience as a resident of and an employer in Ann Arbor, nor is it her multi-perspective (American, American Black, American Female, American Black Female), but her universal, humanistic perspective that inspires me to support her. All city councils need people of Angeline’s caliber on their council, and Ann Arbor in particular could benefit from her as an addition to our city council".


- Lauren Zinn (Ann Arbor resident & employee of one of Angeline's former clients).

Audio testimonial from Kier McLemore, Co-Owner/Treasurer, 

Bottles-N-Backpacks Child Development Center, Inc., 1003 W Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Sandy Godette, client

We understand that our Tax Accountant Angeline Smith is a candidate for Ann Arbor City Council. We both want to wish her best of luck in this endeavor and can attribute our feelings of her high level of integrity and trust.


Her intense concern for the well being of her friends and neighbors as well as her clients is to be commended, and is certainly an important enabler for good civil servant.




Janice and Clark Lincoln

Harley M. Sherman, CPA, colleague

Angeline Smith is an Ideal candidate for local office, especially in City Council. Everything you would want in a public servant can be found in Ms. Smith. 


Angeline is steadfast, hard-working, dependable, extremely ethical, and incredibly detail-oriented. She is these things to the degree that I both admire her and am not a little bit jealous. But that's what makes a role model, isn't it? 


Don't we need role models, more than ever, in public office? So much illicit behavior on town councils and even in Lansing and Washington. It's time to put leaders in office who lack the selfish streak we've endured so much lately. Angeline understands community need. 


Where else can you find someone so able to adhere to city servant ethics, so eager to help the underrepresented, yet so able go do all this while keeping the city books in line? Nowhere but in Angeline Smith. She will always have my vote, without hesitation. 


Thank you-


Edward A. O'Rourke (aka Tony)

 DaNita Weddle, PhD, friend client, and former colleague

This is a testimonial for Angeline Smith. My name is Tasha McIntyre and Angeline is my best friend, Godmother to my children and colleague. When I think of the type of characteristics Angeline possesses, many attributes come to mind, however I will narrow it to four:

  • Integrity

  • Transparency

  • Compassionate

  • Ethical


What I admire most about Angeline is that she basis her decisions on facts and does her homework. Any projects, tasks or jobs that she takes on is done with the highest level of professionalism. She governs her work by the five “P” concept: proper preparedness prevents poor performance. 

I am more than confident that Angeline will represent you and Ward 1 with a humble heart, the highest level of dignity, respect and transparency. With that being said I encourage you to vote Angeline Smith for City Council.


Tasha McIntyre

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Testimony from neighbors Darrius and Erin DuBose

Shayler Barnes, friend and former colleague

I first met Angeline 15 years ago and I am excited to write this recommendation. I value our friendship as well as her role as my responsive trusted financial advisor. I have relied on Angeline on many occasions over the last few years while balancing my books and trying to keep an eye on the bottom line. She has never failed to take my call and give me great advice which has allowed us to have a sustainable operation.


Willie E. Brake, MBA - Friend and business colleague (Recommendation on LinkedIn) 

As a small, but growing, business owner, I knew I needed help when it came to the accounting side of my business. I had reached the point where an excel spreadsheet no longer served me well. I was referred to Angeline Smith and I could not be more pleased. Every small business is different and she took the time to learn my business model; really understand my needs and how to best work with me. She set me up with a customized, ready-to-go version of QuickBooks and fully trained me on how to use the software. Her continued follow up to ensure my comfort level with the product and her training are what separates Angeline & Associates from other accounting professionals. She may be a "numbers person" but she is also a "people person" and that is the key to her success!


Lauralee Shapiro CMP, CDS, CIS - Friend and client (Recommendation on LinkedIn) 

When I was serving as the (volunteer) treasurer on the board of ECIR, we recruited Angeline to run our books in the middle of a serious organizational crisis: we were coming off three consecutive years in the red, and facing the very real possibility of going under. Angeline introduced new financial controls and reporting systems, and we were able to pull the organization out of its tailspin. In my three years as treasurer, working alongside Angeline, we had 12 consecutive quarters in the black and were able to finance a wide range or organizational needs. Angeline's reports provided a new level of professionalism and skill to the members of the board, and it's clear that her support will enable to organization to better engage with volunteers, funders, and community members.


Terry Gallagher - Client (Recommendation on LinkedIn) 

Ms. Angeline Smith is someone who has inspired our board of directors to take more charge of our organization in terms of crafting our strategic plan. Not only has she shown us the importance of having a vision and mission statement, but she also inspired us to think more deeply into the mechanics of fulfilling our mission, such as programming. She gave us a sense of hope, something that an organization like ours, needs. Her delivery and presentation is stellar, and the care that she takes in the quality of her work is admirable. We appreciated her explanations and justifications for the strategic process, and she helped us to understand it without going above our heads. I offer you the highest recommendation for Ms. Angeline Smith. 


Amorie Robinson, Ph.D., L.P. Client (Recommendation on LinkedIn) 

I've known Angeline since the 1990s and was excited when the opportunity presented itself to contract with her. She is honest, patient, consistent, intelligent, trustworthy, industrious, focused, detail oriented and a joy to work with. Her skills are far beyond accounting. I believe she can improve any entity she chooses to pursue. She's a beautiful person with high morals, ethics, standards and a true professional.


Genevieve Clark, MSA - Friend and client (Recommendation on LinkedIn) 

I have been consistently impressed by both Angeline's attitude towards her work and her clients. Her interpersonal and communication skills are top-notch and set her apart from her competition.


Angeline is greatly respected and appreciated among her clients and her colleagues. Angeline & Associates, LLC offer a full range of financial and accounting services, and their level of customer service as well as their attention to detail and the “big picture” are exemplary. I highly recommend Angeline and Angeline & Associates, LLC.


Sharon Sutinen - Former Virtual Assistant (Recommendation on LinkedIn)

Angeline is a highly professional Consultant that makes her client's needs her priority. On a project with a client in Oregon, Angie joined the project after its initiation, but quickly came up to speed and provided valued guidance and on hands support with complex Federal and Non-Federal grant and contract issues. Her efforts allowed the client to significantly improve in the areas of compliance and receivables, and revenue loss mitigation.


Walter Shields - Senior Manager at KPMG during Angeline's tenure with the firm  (Recommendation on LinkedIn)

Angeline was knowledgeable of federal grant and contract regulations and able to translate the regulations into easily understandable processes and procedures.


Mike Kulig - Partner at KPMG during Angeline's tenure with the firm  (Recommendation on LinkedIn)

Angeline is an individual with a wealth of knowledge. In her role as consultant for our non-profit organization (ACTS), she provided great insight and knowledge that has proven to make us a viable and strong entity. Through the entire duration of the consultation she consistently demonstrated professionalism and was always prepared in every meeting. I would highly recommend Angeline.


Gerald Spann - Client (Recommendation on LinkedIn)

Angeline is more than an accountant. She is a teacher. I met Angeline at a time when I was new to managing non-profit financials. Angeline was very empowering, explaining important and intricate details of budgeting and managing financials. She is also flexible in her processes. She often customizes each process to meet the needs of my organizations. However, the most appealing characteristic about Angeline is her ethics. She is very trustworthy and that means so much when dealing with finances. I highly recommend Angeline & Associates. 


Kiddada Green - Client (5* Google Review) 

Our firm worked with Angeline & Associates early on in our journey. She and her team were instrumental in helping us get Quickbooks set up and a key team member trained well enough to manage our accounting with confidence. We really liked how Angeline could bridge between the tactical and strategic, helping us all think like CFOs


Angela Barbash - Client (5* Google Review)

Angeline was instrumental in her advice as we were in the midst of setting up our Non-Profit Fair Trade business. She questioned us to get all involved the clarity to do things right the first way. Her professionalism, her knowledge of accounting specifically related to non profits is unmatched. Throughout the years, she would follow-up with the to assure things were progressing smoothly. When we needed advice and counsel, she was available and quick to find a resolution. As we transitioned our business from a non-profit to a for profit model, Angeline remained the first person we would contact as she was equally accomplished and knowledgeable. She is someone I would recommend with my highest confidence.


Kevin Frahm - Client (5* Google Review)

I have worked with Angeline Smith for many years. She knows her field! She also has excellent knowledge of tools to help you manage and structure your financial records in a way that will be helpful at filing time. I highly recommend working with Angeline.


Jenni Dones - Client (5* Google Review)

I worked with Angeline and Associates while helping a nonprofit organization build capacity and execute a complete turnaround. Angeline guided the organization through a pivotal strategic plan. She was very thorough in her approach and put together a plan that was achievable. I found Angeline to be very knowledgeable as well as professional. I would not hesitate to use her services again.


Kimberly Boismier - Client (5* Google Review)

Angeline is a wonderful accountant who takes the time to understand her client and their business. She goes out of her way to ensure that she provides a great client experience. I always knew that I could get in touch with Angeline if ever I had a question and she was always able to provide me solid, trustworthy guidance. Angeline is great to work with!


Rhonda McGill - Client (5* Google Review)

Angeline & Associates provided strategic planning sessions for my board. With her facilitation, we were able to see how far from a consensus we really were and where we needed to work together to get back on track to fulfill our mission and shape our vision. A&A assistance was extremely helpful to us.


Robin McCants -Client (5* Google Review)

Angeline provides thorough and helpful resources and services. She reviewed the organization’s financial position and gave really good directions for next steps. Her fees are fair and competitive. She is highly recommended in my book.


Danielle Brown - Client (5* Google Review)

Angeline and I worked together for nearly five years when I was the Program Manager at ECIR. Angeline managed all of the finances for our nonprofit including payroll for the staff, rent for 50+ residents, financial advising and strategic planning- and the list goes on. I think the thing I appreciated the most about Angeline was her innovation and creativity. Angeline initiated several processes at the center that streamlined how we functioned as an organization and how we interacted with the students we served. She helped the center go cashless to improve accountability, lower risk, and increase center safety. She spearheaded the center implementing and utilizing new software to improve our procedures and modernize our organization. She introduced HelloSign to our organization staff and students so that students living abroad could easily sign their legally binding contracts online without having to seek out a scanner or fax machine. She also introduced an online residential management system that empowered students to pay rent online, manage their accounts online, request maintenance online, etc. This received IMMENSELY positive feedback from our students who had grown tiresome of outdated and inefficient methods of communication. When Angeline enters a new community or organization, she gets to know people by listening to what they need and then comes up with relevant, creative solutions. I miss working with Angeline dearly and am thankful to have her in my network.


Jessica Moss - Client (5* Google Review)